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Power Seed Acai represents a real breakthrough in metabolic health: leveraging the potent polyphenols of Acai Seeds for combating obesity, diabetes, and more. Created by Brazilian Scientists and launched in the US, the supplement has helped thousands of people to fight Metbolic Syndrome.

Website: https://www.powerseedacai.comĀ 


  • E-Commerce Development in Shopify
  • Create Content to Optimize Organic SEO
  • Increase in site traffic from search engines and social media advertising
  • Boost Sales Funnel by creating Lead Magnets and Promotions
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Power Seed Acai Supplement E-commerce development Shopify

At Iwiin Digital Marketing, we proudly played a pivotal role in launching Power Seed Acai in the U.S. market, crafting a comprehensive and cohesive brand identity from the ground up. Our creative journey began with the design of an impactful logo and an eye-catching product label, effectively capturing the essence of Power Seed Acai. We then skillfully developed their e-commerce presence, creating a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website on Shopify, seamlessly integrating all elements of the sales funnel to ensure a smooth customer journey. Beyond just online presence, we expanded their reach by establishing and optimizing their Amazon store, which has now become one of the primary channels driving sales. Our holistic approach in branding, web development, and e-commerce management played a crucial role in the successful market entry and growth of Power Seed Acai in the competitive U.S. health and wellness sector.

  • Generation of huge Traffic focusing Target Market
  • Website Conversion Skyrocketed reaching 5% CR
  • Amazon Store Launched to Become Main Channel
  • Search phrases in the top-10 reached 85%
For the website has been developed convenient logical structure for a positive interaction with potential customers and to cover the greatest number of search phrases.
It was conducted A / B testing to select the best lead generation response rate
Due to the positive experience with search traffic, it was decided to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook and Boost Instagram Content