E-Commerce for Supplements Company

We created this business from scratch. From the logo development to the fulfilment strategy.

We developed the e-commerce using Shopify in order to be able to easily integrate the platform with FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). So when the buyer completes an order in the website, the pick, pack and delivery will be done by FBA. That allows the company to get rid of heavy warehouse and logistics costs.

Also, as a “gated category” at AMAZON, the process of approval for these products at the marketplace is quite challenging. But our team of AMAZON experts was able to get the products selling also to Amazon customers in less than 3 weeks.

What we did?

Website Development

Amazon Product Listing

Social Media & Ads Management


Sponsored Amazon Campaigns to Drive first Sales

Facebook Ads Driving Traffic to Website

A/B Tests to Get Optimum Conversion Rates

AdWords to Identify Best Converting Search Terms