E-Commerce for Health and Beauty Industry

Iwiin Digital Marketing significantly contributed to the successful launch of Lummacups in the U.S. market, utilizing advanced digital marketing strategies. We expertly employed targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, leveraging Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive highly qualified traffic. Our data-driven approach led to a remarkable website conversion rate of over 5%, generating thousands of orders monthly. This strategic marketing initiative not only established Lummacups as a top player in the women’s period care segment within the health & beauty industry but also demonstrated our agency’s prowess in creating impactful, results-driven marketing campaigns.

Website: www.mylumma.com 

What we did?

Website Development

Google Ads

Social Media & Ads Management


Google Adwords Campaigns to Drive first Sales

Facebook Ads Driving Traffic to Website

A/B Tests to Get Optimum Conversion Rates

6 Figures Monthly Sales Within 6 Months