The history of our agency comes from Brazil, when its holding company “Sponsor Biz” was founded in São Paulo 15 years ago. Sponsor Biz was created by Sergio Augusto, one of our board members, in 2004.

Sponsor Biz developed its business model based on Marketing & Sales Performance Acceleration. Digital & E-Commerce Strategies, Cross Business, Omni-Channel Performance Projects & Marketing Relationship, working with several large companies in Brazil, such as Natura (Cosmetics) BMF&BOVESPA (Stock Market), Cielo, Santander, Itaú, Citibank, Visa, Banco Toyota (Financial Service), Englishtown, Anhanguera, Kroton, Estacio, Laureate (Education), Tam, Gol & Smiles (Airlines Company) and many others.

In 2012, Marcos Litterio joined Sponsor Biz after dedicating many years of his career as executive of Financial Services Companies. Bringing the expertise of this new segment, the consulting company expanded and reached the US market in 2014, founding Sponsor Biz USA as an extension of the strategic consulting company from Brazil and the Digital Marketing Agency IWIIN DIGITAL.

Today both companies share synergies, so IWIIN DIGITAL is able to offer a wide range of online marketing, CRM and digital strategy services, working with clients of different segments and sizes, especially small business.

IWIIN DIGITAL is set apart from other agencies by its focus on results, flexibility and quality of service, adapting to the needs of each client.

Some of the resources we use to achieve results through digital marketing are: creation and redesign of websites, landing pages and e-Commerce, Traffic Generation – SEO (search engine optimization), Product launch and management in Marketplaces (Amazon, EBAY), Social Media Management, Content Marketing (Blogs), Leads Generation, Retargeting, Reputation Monitoring, Influencers & Affiliated Marketing, Online Advertising (Facebook, Google), Marketing Campaigns and Creative Services (Logo, Product Label Design, Videos, e-Books).